Milk Pants

This morning was like any other, my alarm failed to wake me and I was about to miss my bus to New York City, you know, the usual. 

I knew I wouldn't have time for my favorite cereal so I opted for a large glass of icy cold milk that I could drink on the ride over to the bus stop. (KEEP READING.. it gets interesting I swear!)

Anyways I throw all my crap in the car, I buckle up for safety, and I make a quick flip of the wrist to get a time check on my trusty watch.  HERE'S WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING FOLKS... THIS WRIST WAS ATTACHED TO THE SAME HAND HOLDING THE GLASS OF MILK! I first realized I spilled the milk on my pants when I felt a cooling sensation in the crotch region. I sat there in disbelief staring at the large pool of milk on my lap. Did I really just pour an entire glass of milk on my lap?

In the words of Ron Burgundy, "Milk was a bad choice."

I spent the entire 2 hour bus ride holding my wet milk pants to the air vents of the bus, contemplating whether or not to I should try the pant-less Lady Gaga look. I decided that the kind people at Oscar de la Renta would probably not approve.

I walked around the entire day with a light ring of discoloration around my crotch. 

Celine, Gucci, Juli Macdonald, Chanel

The point of the story is I wish I was wearing one of these luxurious winter white looks. The ring of curdled milk around the crotch would have blended right in!

Oh and shout out to Zipped's Chelsea Lane.. she has been so supportive and her blog is a daily read of mine... you got to check it out!


Indigo said...

that's so funny!! But soo bad for you! You should have bought new pants! XXX

Flashes of Style said...

Hahah! This was a funny post. Yeah I spill coffee on myself all the time. NOT fun.

Marissa said...

Just found your blog through zipped, and I love it! You have such a great mix of content.

Madeleine Roberts said...

Love your story. Like they say can't cry over spilt milk but I agree lush winter white looks definitely would have helped matters:) Great blog! Following you back!

Anonymous said...

Great post!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment! =)


Jessica said...

Your post is so funny but I feel so bad for you. But don't worry I and I'm sure most people have had the same type of stuff happen to them.

Good thing you didn't opt for the Lady Gaga look you would have probably frozen to death.

Unknown said...

TESSSSSSSS! (haha) you are the nicest person on the planet <3 are we gonna laugh every time we say your name now...? sooo sorry you spilled milk on yourself! at least we all got a laugh out of it ;)


Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Hahaha wow. What a day!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

oh no! well i'm glad you were able to survive the rest of the day! you never know, someone may have thought of the milk stain as a new trend. pretty soon, you might see milk stained pants all over the city. :)

and you live by new york city? lucky! i have always wanted to go there!

p.s., thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog. your page is pretty snazzy as well. :)

Meera said...

Love those looks!
Please check out/follow my blog-love yours. <3


Anonymous said...

good for you!(that you made lemonade out of lemons)
It seems like something I'd do lol
I love the looks btw, really cute.

Mugdha said...

Oh man, that sucks! I feel all self-conscious the whole day when things like that happen! A similar story was the reason I now always carry around a Tide pen. Those things are saviors, really.

gabriela said...

such a funny story! :D

Estelle said...

So after your very, very nice comment on my blog I decided to have a click through yours....and WHAT! You have my favourite ever Pride and Prejudice quote on your profile? Oh my....new favourite blogger! I also love your writing style...following! x x x


Cara-Mia said...

Oh no, that's terrible! However, I must admit that the Anchor Man reference cracked me up.

Giulia - A pranzo da Pit said...

Hi!!!! thank you very much for your comment on my blog =D I really like this post and all your blog too!
I follow you back, kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



roberto syrious said...

oooh darling that's a great posT!!
i love milk! ahahahah
very cute blog i'm following you too!!
sweet italian kisses


Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

Your blog is awesome! I am following it and I hope you will follow mine too!


sallyannie☆ said...

Aww! I hate it when these things happen...for some reason I often pour drinks down my shirt when I'm not paying attention D: I'm sure you pulled off the er, discoloured ring look :)

Cee said...

This post is hilarious, but awful at the same time :P Love the winter white looks you posted, though. It's a shame you didn't get to have one that was quite so chic :)

lolitasunglasses said...

What a beautiful and simultaneously hilarious blog! Following you!

Casey said...

lol.. thanks for stopping by m blog. This was funny!


Le pirate said...

You poor thing!!! At least I got a chuckle out of it :)

xoxo, Summer

ps. you could have totally pulled off the lady gaga look... just saying.


Those white winter looks are simply beautiful! Loving your story! haha.:)

HAve a beautiful Christmas! I follow, also. Thank you so much for your kind words. :)SArahD x

Henar said...

haha Gosh!! Milk was a bad choice but those winter outfits are HEAVEN!


accessoryqueen! said...

oh dear! haha, funny but I'm sure it wasn't for you at the time. Oh la la, these pieces are gorgeous.
Lovely blog!
Thanks for the comment and for following me! Means so much!
Nat xoxo
following you now! xoxo

courtzmelv said...

Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog, i'm also now following you, your blogs such an interesting read :)
So sorry to hear about you being soaked in milk, was defiantely a bad choice!
Love those witner outfits also!
Have a Happy Christmas too lovely xx

Mina said...

anyways merry x-mas! hope that your christmas tree will be filled with lots of fabulous goodies!


thank you , great pictures :)
follow me please .. follow you too !


Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie for your commnent. By the way your whole trip experience on the bus was mad funny. I have to say that Cupcake does have a point.

Following you.


Elekon said...

love the story:) love the white looks!Chanel is my favourite!


mode. said...

oh, dear. that's funny!

Unknown said...

LOL! Merry Christmas girl! You can now add the milk pants collection to your embarrassing stories, I know I have some!!


Laura Darling said...

I'm sorry this happened to you...but I am laughing out loud!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are too funny! Gotta love Ron Burgundy and his wise, wise words.

:), luckynumber3.com