Fashion's Hidden Equation

In fashion you can't take yourself too seriously. As a designer you have to know that some people are going to "get it," some people will pretend they "get it" so they don't look foolish amongst their friends who do get it, and other people will just think it's all a joke.

The charming people at The Daily Beast think fashion can be easily broken down into a hilarious mathematical equation! And you know what...they may have a point.

 Alexander McQueen
Spring 2003

Basso and Brooke Fall 2005

 Christian Dior
Spring 2004

Hussein Chalayan Spring 2006

Givenchy 2010

 Emanuel Ungaro
Spring 2001


The Holiday Where it's Socially Acceptable to Eat Your Heart Out

Last night on the nightly news there was a report that 1 in 10 women dread the holidays and 60% of women expect a fight with their relatives this Thanksgiving.

Give yourself something to look forward to this Thanksgiving and give your lady relatives something to be bitter about... like a fabulous Thanksgiving day outfit!!

Just Cross Your Legs & Be A Lady


Awkward Frog

 Nope it's not the awkward turtle...
And it's not the awkward palm tree....

It's the Awkward Frog!
 What else would expect from the eccentric, totally fabulous Vogue Japan Editor at Large, Anna dello Russo on the cover of 10? This pose is pretty cuckoo and glam and totally awkward which is why I adorrrrre Anna!!


AMA's Best Dressed Winner: Taylor Swift

Taylor's short sequins dress is has the perfect balance between rock & roll and glamor. She also looked like a hotty pototty with the straight hair and blunt bangs. THe bangs gave an edgy, sophisticated vixen vibe and highlighted her gorgeous baby blues. 

Now I really want my bangs back after growing them out for the last four months. Thanks a lot, Taylor.

Taylor Swift won by a hair over Miley Cyrus for the best dressed at the American Music Awards. Miley wore a beautiful Marchesa cocktail dress with a long oversized bow in the back.
Honorable Mentions:


Guinness, Please


Daphne manages to pull off extraordinary outfits many other fashionistas would look like fools wearing. It takes a whole lot of personality and confidence to wear exactly what you want when you want which is why I adore Daphne Guinness, fashion icon and inspiration.


Who Doesn't Love Wearing Thier Fur To The Beach?

Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Gloves Galour

It's that time of the year again - beautiful Fall is transitioning into mean, ugly Winter. When I was walking to class yesterday it was brutally windy and cold. As I returned to the warmth of the indoors I looked down at my hands and I could barely recognize those raw and red paws hanging off my arms. My hands were so chapped and frozen I could hardly bend my fingers.

Enough is enough I need some gloves. I love the long options but I am head over heels for the fingerless driving gloves.  I know what you're thinking, "How do fingerless gloves solve your frozen finger problem." Well the answer is it doesn't BUT at least I will look tres chic trying to disguise my hands from looking like raw pieces of meat!

Long Gloves
Yves Saint Laurent
Louis Vuitton
Ralph Lauren

Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci
Bottega Veneta

Short Gloves
Chado Ralph Rucci
Dominic Jones

Bottega Veneta


Tailoring Philadelphia

I recently visited the Tailoring Philadelphia Exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museam.
These are only a few of the garments in the exhibit but have a central theme of detachable elements of the design.  The only thing I have seen in fashion today with a detachable element of design are those tacky cargo pants that can be unzipped into even tackier shorts. The way Toscani and Larson incorporate the detachable element of design into their garments is so incredibly elegant and seamless it is a wonder why this design element never really caught on.

If you enjoyed these garments as much as I did and would like me to post more photos from this exhibit let me know!