Urban Love

Here are a couple of mood boards I created for an intern application with Urban Outfitters. I was inspired by Philly's LOVE park.

I know they're kind of kooky and not necessarily my style, but you do what you gotta do to get one of the only fashion design internships in Philadelphia.  


Vintage Vendredi III

It's been about 4 days since my last post and I'm sure you were all worried that C'EST DEMODE was dead just like blogs 1-13. But that is not the case, she is still kicking. I'm just trying to catch up with all my school work and my FIT application (second time's the charm!). 

No matter how busy I am I would never miss Vintage Vendredi. Here are some more of my favorite photos. Note the fabulous fashion happening here people!

Belfast, Ireland (1934?)

Hyde Park, London

Lake Erie, September, 1970
Buffalo, NY



Ordinary People With Extraordinary Vision

Whenever I see these over the top, absolutely amazing designs my first thought is "Who are these creative geniuses with such an incredible imagination?" I idolize designers. I imagine they look like some sort of fashion design angel sent from God with a beam of light shining behind them and a glistening halo hovering above their creative little heads.
At the end of collections on style.com the last shot is always of the designer. To my dismay most designers look ...well... ordinary. Quite a disappointment for a gal like me who imagines these designers looking more like mythical creatures than human beings.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen (Spring 2011)

 Jason Wu (Spring 2011)

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 Couture

 John Paul Gaultier (Fall 2010)

Rodarte Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

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Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte (Spring 2009)




My Dog Thinks I'm Crazy

Inspiration: Phillip Lim Fall 2010
I love this clean Phillip Lim look. My version is a little more grunged up with a big chunky belt and some ripped skinny jeans.

There's Bubba looking at me like "Girrrl, you crazy."

Vintage Vendredi II

Check out my Grandma...just knocking around the house in a silk dress and red lips (red hair too).
Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Sean

Isn't my Grandpa so handsome (left). This is how all men should style their hair.

Note the applique on my Great Aunt's jacket and dress. 


Stupidity Sells

When I first saw these Diesel ads in the magazines my initial reaction was a big roll of the eyes and thinking "How incredibly stupid are these Be Stupid ads??" I've heard sex sells, but come on now, you're telling me that stupidity will now make jeans fly off the shelves.

After a few weeks or so of seeing these ads everywhere, they began to grow on me (either that or I was being subliminally brainwashed).

My thought sequence went something like this:

"How stupid are these Be Stupid ads??"
"Those people in the ads sure do look like their having fun being stupid."
"...Maybe I should be stupid too?"
"I want Diesel Jeans."
"God damn, these ads are good."


my favorite one ^




OK, so, this is getting kind of addicting. I've done this bloggin' jazz before (1st post explains everything- I'm a blog whore...shhhh) but there has never been this nagging need to go on and check on it every five minutes. This is almost getting more addicting than Facebook. I can see the shock on your faces now with that statement.."BLASPHEMY! I SHALL NEVER RETURN TO C'EST DEMODE FOR AS LONG I SHALL LIVE!"

Today marks the 1 week anniversary of my blog! It's kind of a big deal. If you have your own blog you know that blogspot.com has a stats page that allows you to see how many views you have and what countries the viewers are from.  You will never guess how many views I have received. Drum roll please.............200! Yes, a whopping 200! I know I'm practically a blogging superstar now. I assume Anna Wintour will be calling any minute asking me to write a special article on my success.

Sarcasm aside, it was really cool to see that people are looking at my blog or at least they accidentally followed my link from the Sartorialist.  On top of that, some of the viewers were international - from Canada,  the Netherlands, and Spain to name a few! If I had to guess it was definitely Avril Lavigne, Princess Maxima of the Netherlands, and obviously Javier Bardem.

Princess Maxima of The Netherlands, pictured leaving the Claridges Hotel in London. UK.

I don't want to jinx myself, but I really do think this blog will be different than my last 13 blogs that are now floating out there in cyberspace (most of which never made it past a week). Those poor little guys. I imagine it being very cold, dark, and lonely place out there in cyberspace. My blogs floated apart and and they have no one to rant to about their neglectful mother. Every once in a while they get knocked into by other angry blogs of failure. Those, poor and unfortunate souls. Mommy misses you blogs 1-13.....sikeeee. There's a new baby in town and she's cute and adorable and she goes by the name C'EST DEMODE and she going to be a cyberspace STARRRRRR!

Au Revoir!


P.S.  J'adore the comments everyone's been leaving!! Keep 'em coming!

P.S.S. There will be a more fashionable post tomorrow. Scout's honor.


Sheer + Leopard

A mix of leopard from Dolce & Gabbana
  and sheer from Dennis Basso Fall 2010




It's a Shoe Thing: Hooves in Heels

I wasn't always a shoe person (and by shoe I mean heel). It's a love-hate relationship. On one hand, they make even my fat stubby feet look kind of sexy. On the other hand, after an 8 hour day wearing those torturous walking contraptions I can do nothing but sit on the couch because it's too painful to walk even barefoot. 

Have you ever seen a model's foot up close? I had to put heels on some of those hooves and let me tell you their feet practically look disfigured- covered with  red sores and calluses. Some even look like their toes have been molded into a point.  

With that aside, I have learned to cope with the pain and deal with a future of potentially disfigured looking feet. How could I not after looking at some of the shoes from the Spring 2011 runways?!

Chunky Heels

 Dries Van Noten (1-4)
Chanel (5-7)
Anna Sui

Color Blocking



 Christian Dior (1-5)
Matthew Williamson 
Missoni (7-8)

Basket Weave

Yves Saint Laurent


 Alexander McQueen (1-3)
Rodarte (4-6)
Yves Saint Laurent (7-8)


Emilio Pucci
Anna Sui
Proenza Schouler