Karl Attacks Defenseless Coco In Her Grave

I recently came across an article in which Karl Lagerfeld points out two big mistakes Coco Chanel made:
Mistake #1.  "'Not one man I have spoken to likes a woman in miniskirts." 
Mistake #2: When Coco decided blue jeans were horrible. 

Karl usually I really love you and everything you create, do, and say BUT you've got quite some nerve to attack my lady Coco. So Coco didn't think mini skirts and blue jeans were cool when she was 89... would you like to see 89 year old ladies prancing around in mini skirts and skinny  jeans... I think not. 

In defense of Coco I shall now point out two far greater mistakes Karl Lagerfeld has made.  

Mistake #1:  When Karl dressed Anna Wintour in a gown that was a cross between Urusula and the Ariel with sea shell tumours protruding from the hip. 

Mistake #2: When Karl decided that women love  to look like Chewbacca. 

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Milk Pants

This morning was like any other, my alarm failed to wake me and I was about to miss my bus to New York City, you know, the usual. 

I knew I wouldn't have time for my favorite cereal so I opted for a large glass of icy cold milk that I could drink on the ride over to the bus stop. (KEEP READING.. it gets interesting I swear!)

Anyways I throw all my crap in the car, I buckle up for safety, and I make a quick flip of the wrist to get a time check on my trusty watch.  HERE'S WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING FOLKS... THIS WRIST WAS ATTACHED TO THE SAME HAND HOLDING THE GLASS OF MILK! I first realized I spilled the milk on my pants when I felt a cooling sensation in the crotch region. I sat there in disbelief staring at the large pool of milk on my lap. Did I really just pour an entire glass of milk on my lap?

In the words of Ron Burgundy, "Milk was a bad choice."

I spent the entire 2 hour bus ride holding my wet milk pants to the air vents of the bus, contemplating whether or not to I should try the pant-less Lady Gaga look. I decided that the kind people at Oscar de la Renta would probably not approve.

I walked around the entire day with a light ring of discoloration around my crotch. 

Celine, Gucci, Juli Macdonald, Chanel

The point of the story is I wish I was wearing one of these luxurious winter white looks. The ring of curdled milk around the crotch would have blended right in!

Oh and shout out to Zipped's Chelsea Lane.. she has been so supportive and her blog is a daily read of mine... you got to check it out!


Black and White

 Tuxedo shirt, Black skinny jeans, Chanel purse, and Stewart Weitzan heels


How To: Go From Classy to Trashy in One Minute or Less!

Have you ever wondered "how can I get that trashy hooker look all the hottest celebs are sporting??"

Well look no further, here at C'EST DEMODE I will give you a classy to trashy tutorial that even you, yes you can do at home in 1 minute or less!

Step 1: Rummage through your sock drawer.

Step 2: Find a pair of old ripped stockings that you never had the heart to throw away. 

Step 3:  Now simply put on the ripped stockings.
No need to put them on delicately. The more holes the better. In fact, you should put on the stockings while wearing multiple sharp rings. The rips are guaranteed to increase ten fold.

You'll get that trampy hooker look in no time at all!




It's Friday and I'm feeling like a Fighter.. A Bull Fighter

I know what you must be thinking... another outfit post!?! Has Christmas come early??

 Well not exactly. I am preparing for my bitter sweet move to New York City.  I'm a little bitter because there is no way I am going to be able to fit all my clothes into my apartment that is the size of my current closet. Also because I have been living with the most fabulous and amazing room mate for the past year and now I gotta ditch the ol' lady.

Anyways the point is I have got to get a handle on my wardrobe. I always say I have nothing to wear but the truth of the matter is I could go the rest of my life without wearing the same outfit twice with my current wardrobe.

So from here on out I will be posting more outfits in order to decide what clothes are coming with me and what clothes I must leave behind. In the midst of it all I'm sure I'll rediscover clothes I forgot all about...oh so exciting.


Well, hello there, Mr. Dior

It is brutally cold and snowy here in Philadelphia. I woke up this morning and the last thing I wanted to do was unwrap myself from the layers of cozy blankets. Instead, I tore one of the blankets off my bed and wore it like a cape as I shuffled to my closet door hoping to find something just as cozy to wear. 

To my disbelief, I found exactly what I was looking for! I forgot I bought this amazing vintage cashmere Christian Dior skirt  last year at another amazing vintage store outside Philly. I had planned to make the skirt into a scarf because no body was wearing long skirts this time last year. Luckily I never got around to it since long skirts and dresses are now en vogue. I tried to break up the sweetness of the floral by pairing it with fish net stockings, a black patent belt, and black boots.


Ode to Oscar

I recently found this 2 piece Oscar de la Renta get up in one of my favorite vintage stores. In typical Oscar fashion it has this rich plum color, a great mix of textures with wool and velvet, and finished with an embroidered tassel closure. 

Fashion Inspired by Real People

I recently received a great article  from a friend of mine about Cristobal Balenciaga.
"Without the fishermen and farmers, priests and church elders of his native Spain, designer Cristobal Balenciaga would have been at a loss for inspiration."
This source of inspiration is not unique to Balenciaga. Many designers are inspired by the people who surround them everyday.
Cristobal Balenciaga inspired by Flamenco Dancer

Ralph Lauren Inspired by Women of the Great Depression

Yves Saint Laurent inspired by Nuns
Prada inspired by Fishermen
For those of you who think that high fashion is something out of reach don't forget that most high fashion designers are inspired by the clothes that you and the people you know are already wearing!!


I hate x-mas shopping.

Why is it that every time Christmas rolls around my mind immediately blanks with gift ideas??

 My family has already dubbed me the family's worst gift giver... am I so wrong to think that my sister, Cat, would love a cat calender?! Looks like I will live up to expectations for yet another Christmas.

Snuggies for everybody!


Pre Fall 2011 Pt 4

Donna Karen

BCBG by Maz Azria

Herve Leger by Maz Azria

Max Azria


The Donna Karen Collection really caught my eye in this grouping of collections. It is the essence of Pre-Fall- layers upon layers of beautiful brown leather, military green cottons and jerseys, and luxurious gray furs.


Dear Anonymous,

On my post PRE FALL PT 3 an anonymous blogger left a comment that reads "Your blog is an insult to fashion across the world. Tony Burch, REALLY?"

I am hoping anonymous will read this letter I wrote in response to their comment.  Rest assure that I shall never mention the name T*ry B*rch ever again. Instead, I will refer to her as "she who must not be named."

 Dear Anonymous,

My eternal apologies for featuring she who must not be named on my blog. She is truly the most awful of all designers in all of fashion. I slipped up... big time. My blog is an insult to fashion across the world. I could not agree with you more. My blog does have a pretty huge effect on global fashion. I have now become aware that my massive sway in the fashion world could lead to catastrophic results. Merely showing four images from her collection has already lead to irreparable damage in the fashion community. What was I thinking?? Now dumb muggles might actually wear her clothing or even worse her shoes... and for that I am sorry.

Remorseful and Ashamed, 



Pre Fall 2011 Pt 3

Carolina Herrera
Doo. Ri
Calvin Klein
Narciso Rodriguez
Zero + Maria Cornejo
Tory Burch
One. Word. . . CHANEL.