Bag Lady Bliss

I wore this outfit I wore to go thrift store shopping on Saturday. I was inspired by your stereotypical bag lady.

The sweater is XXXL. I found it in a Goodwill and thought it would make a great drapey sweater dress. I would have wore opaque stockings but I needed the warmth of my black skinny jeans. I swear this outfit look more chic in the mirror than in these photos.

I could save myself a lot of yard work if I just stomped around in these heels. The leaves would be collected in no time.
Maybe I could turn this into a business opportunity?! I hire women to walk around people's yards in stilettos to pick up the leaves. In the summer they would walk around your lawn to "air the grass." I'm sure there are plenty of creeps out there to make this a steady, profitable business. 
Investors Anyone??


Patricia said...

Shopping at goodwill is a brave thing for a fashion blogger to admit, but I'll bet you many do. Bravo for the very cool find!

Unknown said...

Per.fect.sweater.and.scarf. I'm obsessed with this look, I'm also wearing a baggy sweater today that I found at goodwill!

your leaf-collecting idea made me laugh out loud! haha


Zhenya said...

I cant help but be obessessed with the "bag lady" look. Its so comfy and can be be so stylish! I'm loving that sweater, it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love that your sweater is XXXL!! And you don't look close to the stereotypical bag lady.