Karl Attacks Defenseless Coco In Her Grave

I recently came across an article in which Karl Lagerfeld points out two big mistakes Coco Chanel made:
Mistake #1.  "'Not one man I have spoken to likes a woman in miniskirts." 
Mistake #2: When Coco decided blue jeans were horrible. 

Karl usually I really love you and everything you create, do, and say BUT you've got quite some nerve to attack my lady Coco. So Coco didn't think mini skirts and blue jeans were cool when she was 89... would you like to see 89 year old ladies prancing around in mini skirts and skinny  jeans... I think not. 

In defense of Coco I shall now point out two far greater mistakes Karl Lagerfeld has made.  

Mistake #1:  When Karl dressed Anna Wintour in a gown that was a cross between Urusula and the Ariel with sea shell tumours protruding from the hip. 

Mistake #2: When Karl decided that women love  to look like Chewbacca. 

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Yajaira said...

This is a great post... interesting.. great great.. was find of funny too...
agree with you all the way..

Mary said...

haha, very nice post!

Suyinsays said...

so so so true! woahhhh uncle karl needs to back up and eat his words here!


Frozen Fashion said...

Cheeky great defense for the Grand Dame Coco Chanel.
May she rest in peace.


Closet Fashionista said...

Hahahaha!!! So funny!!!!! Yea, that Chewbacca collection looked comfy but what man wants to see that? ;)

Nicole said...

This Is an awesome post :)
really like your bloggg :))

Dark Blue Jeans said...

thankyou for your comment darling.

i am following :)

i have read that comment too. wasn't it in vogue las month or something?
but i agree with what he says.


Merry said...

Very interesting post! You pointed out good things and facts (Anna Wintour's gown, ftw) and do also think that Coco was and still IS a wonderful lady! And there's no actual use to point failure facts like Karl L. did, because trends change and yes it has been a while since Coco was at her sharpest... It is almost possible to state that everything gets to be fashionable, also miniskirts and blue denim, but not at the time of Coco...

Time changes Karl! :D Haha.


Unknown said...

karl just called me and told me how embarrassed he is and wanted me to thank you for pointing out his error. you rock, tess <3


P.S. and he still think the chewbacca girl looks awesome, because she's a Chanel chewbacca and that makes everything better

minnja said...

Fabulous :)



Jardin de la Mode said...

Hahaha, great post!!
Love your blog darling, I now follow you as well!

Morgan Jordan said...

Thanks for the comment. Hahaha, Karl really can be a little crazy. Check out his Twitter account, it's a cross between brilliant and hilarious.


PS Following you now and Happy New Year!!

KC said...

haha!! karl.. it's always a love/hate relationship.


Jen said...

Oh how I love it when a man admits his mistakes!! ;-)

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

Oh, and I'm doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!

Meera said...

Hilarious post...but absolutely true! I can't believe Karl had the nerve to question Coco Chanel!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha love it, and totally agree! typical karl lagerfeld though, no one can be surprised at his outlandishness anymore

Ria said...

lmao that Anna Wintour dress. Definitely a more heinous mistake.


OMG girl...what nerve he has! Coco is probably rolling right now. And your comebacks to Karl couldn't be more spot on...WTF is with the Chewbaca...like that is sexy?! ha. xo

ching said...

haha you did it! you showed Karl who's boss..
i enjoyed this post.

De Vero said...

This post is so great! And I defend Coco, my God what was he thinking when he thought that people will want to dress like Chewbacca? i wonder if someone bought the stuff!?!



Such a good post! I agree with you, what was he thinking when he dressed Anna Wintour!

Emilie said...

haha very cool post!! I totally agree with you, Karl is not even close to what Coco is.. :) Very funny blog, I'll definately be following!!



Ioana Liliana said...

I totally agree with you. Karl has definitely stepped over the line here, and those are two of his major mistakes for sure!


silvia said...

ah ah ah, this was fun!Karl should think twice before attack Coco!

courtzmelv said...

Great post! Karl really should of thought before attacking Coco. LOVE FOR COCO!xx

B☮ said...

amazing post!!

Mugdha said...

Hahaha. Karl sure has some nerve to point out Coco's mistakes!

Marissa said...

Hahaha - so true about Anna's dress. I never realized it before.

allergic to vanilla said...

Karl should keep his trap shut, Coco was the originator, he would be designing for TJ Maxx had it not been for her greatness- ok so maybe not TJ MAXX (cuz they don't have a brand..haha!)

anyways that Ursela/little mermaid getup it too funny, I want it for halloween next year- or maybe Chewbacca?!
xo lina

Jessica said...

Oh no he attacked Coco!
Thank you for writing a post that would put him in his place.

Serina said...

I found the chewbaca thing so funny! Great post! Fashion is a tricky area isn't it? But I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion! You can't please everyone, can you?

P.S. I really appreciate you following and the comments x

Mikhaila said...

hi there! just want to let you know you won the giveaway on my blog! :) If you wouldn't mind emailing me your address I will happily get your lovely vintage bag shipped off to you! Congrats!


Anonymous said...

this was so funny! thanks for your comment, i got that photo using photoshop :)


Grace Escudero - The Afeminada said...

Really impressed by the post. Would you like to follow my blog? I will gladly follow you in return :)


Mina said...

hahaha. u are hilarious. and u have said very well. that collection was a monstrosity and anna wintour in that dress is just hideous. this is the man who has the guts to challenge a legend. no offense to him but he will never be big enough to step in her shoes.

Patricia said...

Coco should take her quilted handbag and smack that ungrateful asshole over the head (from her grave of course). Get over yourself man!
p.s. the men he is talking to are gay...what man doesn't like a women in a mini???

Sabina said...

Oh my god this post is hilarious. I'm a fan of Mr. Lagerfeld but I agree with both your points.

Following! :-)


Meera said...

I have nominated you for a blog award! <3 Stop by my blog for the details.


Madeleine Roberts said...

Enjoyed your post. While I applaud Lagerfeld for his brilliance- even though he has missed the mark a couple of times. I am one of the few in the fashion world that is truly repulsed by him as well. I'm sorry I can't help it. I think it is his outlandish behavior.
I think sometimes he speaks without even thinking. As mentioned before Coco was 89 years old and was a lady of a very different generation. It is certainly not his place to judge.
For would he judge Valentino because he believes it is obscene to created an evening gown that shows women's ankles? Maybe he would...
Great post!!!

Cee said...

That Karl... I love almost everything he designs but I really wish he would keep his mouth shut, he says absolutely the worst things, and that fact is only amplified when they're taken out of context :( He may be great, but he'll never come close to Coco.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Great post. I agree, he really shouldn't mess with Coco. Maybe she'll haunt him :).

HNY, luckynumber3.com


Sailor Jamee said...

hey tess, this is jamee from a diamond and a tether.

you can follow me on bloglovin! here's a link:


Nicole said...

ok i love how your blog is so funny yet fashion. i'm totally following!

Two For Tea said...

I think Coco was dead on anyways...at least about miniskirts. Not many women can pull them off and feel comfortable with themselves. And while I definitely think guys "enjoy" women in miniskirts, I'd rather keep my legs out of sight so a man is attracted to more than my body. Coco...she had class :)

<3 Cambria

Two For Tea said...

I think Coco was dead on anyways...at least about miniskirts. Not many women can pull them off and feel comfortable with themselves. And while I definitely think guys "enjoy" women in miniskirts, I'd rather keep my legs out of sight so a man is attracted to more than my body. Coco...she had class :)

<3 Cambria

Aniek said...

haha what a great fun post!!

wish you a happy new year

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! Can you believe 2010 is over! I don't think it'll hit me until I have to physically write the date lol! Haha love this post! He was so wrong for dogging her like that, especially since she can't defend herself! Glad you put him in his place!!

I wish you best in the new year! I'll definitely be tuned in!!



Shauna Nep said...

Haha such a great post!!

Elekon said...

ahaha, thanks for that! agree with everything:)


Sophie Frances said...

I definitely agree i hated the chewie look uggllyyy i thought the fashion world was staying away from uggs? haha