How To: Go From Classy to Trashy in One Minute or Less!

Have you ever wondered "how can I get that trashy hooker look all the hottest celebs are sporting??"

Well look no further, here at C'EST DEMODE I will give you a classy to trashy tutorial that even you, yes you can do at home in 1 minute or less!

Step 1: Rummage through your sock drawer.

Step 2: Find a pair of old ripped stockings that you never had the heart to throw away. 

Step 3:  Now simply put on the ripped stockings.
No need to put them on delicately. The more holes the better. In fact, you should put on the stockings while wearing multiple sharp rings. The rips are guaranteed to increase ten fold.

You'll get that trampy hooker look in no time at all!



Alinne's Style said...

Hi! thanks for your comment and visit on my blog, i'm following you too! Trash is awesome but i don't thind this add to me. kisses


Cecylia said...

Haha this is so funny. Can't believe how they can dress so badly when they have so much money...

Brittany said...

haha great post :) I'm getting sick of those bimbos lol


Mugdha said...

Totally agreed. Really ripped stocking are definitely trashy.

original seed said...

hey doll its outkast spottieottiedopealicous angel glad you like it :)

Michelle Lee said...

haha great post
i love the rip outs they are quite cool when they are worn .. right i guess
im following you now thanks for the visit!

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Lisa (aka sweetie) said...

hey there..thank so much for letting me know about the pictures not showing..I will check it out. hey, love the trashy look thing..makes for good conversation..XO

Nikolina said...

ofcourse ! and thank you ! xx

Angelica Ng said...

Haha, this is so funny! I'll try it out right now!

But seriously, it's such a horrible look!


Amalie said...

Haha, awesome!
You yes you can do at home!
Love it. And thanks (:

Nnenna said...

lol, yes, I think that is exactly what Taylor Momsen does!

Thanks so much for your comment and for following, I'm following you now too!

Lakyn said...

I'm SO glad someone agrees that ripped tights are the easiest way to look trashy as hell (or as trashy as Ke$ha up there). I don't get the point of them! If I get even a run in my stockings, I take them off, and I see girls purposely ripping their tights! No matter how cute your outfit is, ripped tights take it from 0 to trash in like 1 second.

Obligatory blog link.

Chloe said...

Haaa - I LOVE the trashy hooker looK! :D Well, actually, I love how well you debunked this look. Ripped tights can go from chic to GROSS so quickly!

This is one of my favorite posts of all time. LOVE IT.

chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

Estelle said...

Oh my gosh this is gold! x x x


Patricia said...

I kept thinking "how can I look trashier" and you've solved my dilemna! (ps v. funny I put u on my blogroll)
Merry Christmas

Vinda Sonata said...

such a fun post!
actually i kinda like ripped tights, only if they're not taken to the extremes, such as in those pictures of kesha and miley;)

helen turnbull said...

I think as long as its not paired with anything remotely typically 'slag/slut' it looks reeeal cool.

Helen, x

Anonymous said...

Okay, sorry that this is the third comment I have left today, but I am totally loving your blog. Thanks for the trashy tutorial! ha!

HNY, luckynumber3.com

p.s. I am definitely following your blog.

p.s.s. Promise not to comment 3 times everyday.