Karl Who??

In my Survey of Fashion class we were watching a blast from the past Chanel runway show.  I saw this man speaking about his inspiration for his collection. I thought to myself who is this guy? I thought Karl Lagerfeld  was designer for Chanel in the 90s. Then a caption pops up "Chanel designer, Karl Lagerfeld."

I was in total disbelief. BLASPHEMY! This is not the Karl I know and love... this had to be some impostor. Then I closed my eyes and listened to his voice.. it was Karl. Wow, did that man go through a complete overhaul or what?

Karl Before and After

Besides the obvious fact that he lost a few pounds, modern day Karl has also cultivated an image, a brand. The white pony tail and the black sunglasses have always been his signature but he solidified his look with the addition of  high collared shirts, black tie, black suit, some sort of chain hanging from his neck, and the fingerless gloves. Oh yeah, and he lost the fan... good move, Karl.

His chubby to chic transformation has made him one of the world's most recognizable designers.

In my search for vintage Karl pics I also came across an article from 2009 that said there were rumors that Karl was going to leave Chanel (with Alber Elbaz the rumored replacement)! Could you imagine anyone but Karl designing for Chanel?

It's yellow, It's ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it can save your life. 

Oh, yea! Karl also cares about your life! 
Isn't he just wonderful??


Francotop19 said...

I throughly enjoyed your blog. I looked and looked to try and figure out if you are still a teen - because I would like to include your blog as one of the 19 in top19teenbloggers.com. Are you still a Teen? I'm the bloggers who visit, read and rate the blogs on top19 would love your blog.

Francotop19 said...

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it - really I did.

Zarna said...

wow!! i had no idea about karl's past! he is such a visionary!


Olimpia Elide B. said...

Lagerfeld is a genius. One of the most interesting personalities of fashion-world.
I love this post. ;-)

Tess said...

Franco I would love to be included on your top19teenbloggers list!

Zhenya said...

The weight loss did a world of difference! He is unrecognizable!

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I had actually never seen him at a heavier weight, but perhaps i just wasn't taking notice! I think he wrote a book about his weight loss journey too actually...


Anonymous said...

What a great post! I LOVE Karl, he's one of the greatest fashion people out there. Always love seeing him and his signature look. When I first saw Karl from way back, I couldn't believe it was him either!


Love Elizabeth Joy said...

Lagerfeld is god.



J'adore Karl!!

if you are interested about him, look at this article:



J_so_sweet said...

Karl cares about my life!!