Obama's Flip Flop Scandal: The World Wide Effect

The pressure of presidency has really made Obama go wild. He has recently made history by being the first president to flaunt his naked toes in PUBLIC! 
Who can take this world leader seriously now that we know what his feet look like. What else can we expect from this Hawaii native... a SPEEDO??
Don't you know the rules set by your predecessors, Obama? You must wear your dress shoes at all times, even when frolicking by the sea side like Nixon.
Obama's lackadaisical approach to  footwear has had an incredible effect on other world leader's footwear choices...
Former President Bush has been spotted in Crocs.
At least he managed to keep it classy with socks yielding the presidential emblem.
French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, has also taken the more relaxed approach to footwear.
Sarkozy was seen out and about yesterday showing off his favorite pairs of UGG's. 

Even, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il has followed suit!
Kim was seen sporting the super hot Snooki Slipper. He is a huge Jersey Shore fan and an avid fist pumper.

The point is Obama has to understand the power he has over other world leader's fashion choices. 
I beg you, Mr. President, whatever you do, please do not to wear a Speedo to the beach. There are just some world leaders I'd rather not see following that trend. 


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AthenouKa said...

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Lovely post,so funny :)

I believe that he didn't want to stain his Church of England brogues that's why he chose the flip-flops!

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captain kimi said...

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Yajaira said...

great post..
my opinon - i honestly don't think that there is anything wrong with obama showing his toes..
Big deal..like if anyone has never seen toes!!

Fashion Mom said...

hihihi, this is fun! x
nice post x

Fashion Mom said...

hihihi, this is fun! x
nice post x

Fashion Mom said...

hihihi, this is fun! x
nice post x

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Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Hahaha! This is the best thing ever! I love the fact that you pasted in pictures of UGGs etc over the original images! You rock! x x


Yasemin said...

hahhahah this is so funny :D btw the poem on my blog is the lyrics to the song falling by florence and the machine - you should definitely listen to it, I just found the lyrics so powerful...


Frozen Fashion said...

Tess Tess Tess Tess! The best yet!

Ok is the photo of George W doctored or he really wore that?

but hey Obama in a Speedo.... Not a bad idea!


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Tess said...

@ Bella, unfortunately that Bush picture was not doctored. He was really wearing crocs and apparently there is such thing as presidential socks.

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Anonymous said...

oo Bush! what a man! crocs.
'Nuf said

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Obama just got a whole lot cooler! :D
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Anonymous said...

Simply amazing. Baracks feet are ...oddly cute. I shouldn't be able to say that. I feel like I'm uncovering some top secret government information.

Sophie said...

hahaha this is so good! he does look way too relaxed and casual doesnt he.

AND yes you have to watch toy story 3! spanish buzz is just fricken hilarious! i love it!

hope you are having a good day :) x

gabriela said...

such a funny post! :D I can't imagine Sarkozy in UGGS :D
but i've got no problem with Obama wearing flip flops...

Bernadeth G. said...

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That was literally the funniest thing ever! LOL.



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Savannah Burton said...

Oh my goodness! Hilarious! How does he dare?!

Unknown said...

Hahaha you need to stop it! Hilarious! You should've posted the pic of Terri Richardson with Obama! It's on his website if u wanna take a look... Apparently their hipster friends now haha!



Sabina said...

Haha loved this. I hate flip-flops and yet I think it's great that Obama wore'em. That said I don't wanna see other world leaders' feet, either!


E said...

very funny, i like the one with terry


Buky said...

cldnt help but laugh.
But you'lld rather see Tom cruise in Speedos?... :D


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Haha, loved this!

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OBAMA: visionary leader!

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HAHAHAHA, this is hilarious! Especially Kim Jong Il's fist pumping picture!!!

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Unknown said...

you saved all your bestbestbest writing for while I was gone. every single post is sheer epicness <3 and those presidential socks? I WANT A PAIR!


mode. said...

hilarious! but i have to say, we Totally have the hottest world leader right now- USA! USA! USA!
<3 mode.

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

This post is awesome!! Aaaha I died with the Uggs. So creative, I love it!


Francesca said...

rofl obama is a mad dawgg! and bush wearing crocs?? oh no!! hahaha awesome post babe!

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

yemi said...

so funny! I love the satirical essence of this blog x

thebirthdaygirl said...

Flip Flops are at least better than Crocs! Those things creep me out...

Funny post!

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Hah! This made laugh- especially the idea of President Sarkozy tucking his suit pants into a pair of uggs :)

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You are my blogging idol! I love this post. The fist pumping is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen.

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Hahah the slippers look stunning on Kim Jong-Il.

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LOL! cuz flaunting your feet is scandaloussss! hahahahaha man sooo presidents don't go to the beach then? or swim?? hmmm that's kind of a sucky life but gets paid well I suppose :D

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hehehe...love all the photoshopping ...poor obama

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crackin' me up girl!! xo lina

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BWAHAHA! I love the picture of Sarcozy with his adorable Uggs. Dying of laughter.


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this is hilarious

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Hahaha so funny! it wil be really cool to se these men in Ugg ;)


Stephanie Harrison said...

awesome post.
I actually laughed out loud at this!

Unknown said...

wow this was funny!!! great post...I like the picture you made with Obamas head on top of the man's body with a speedo

Anonymous said...

it 's sarKozy and not "sarcozy".... sorry but i know how to write obama and i'm fucking french... by the way i hate sarkozy, terrible president, even if france is fucked up since a long time but it was funny to see him a pair of uggs!

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Daily Sass said...

brilliant brilliant brilliant

but I must note that (as I am from hawaii) we all wear rubber slippers 24/7