Fashion Fights Back

The fashion world has become a lot more physical recently...
And I don't mean that Olivia Newton John cutesy type of physical. I mean the fiesty, fist fighting type of physical.
I stumbled across an article about fashion feuds and was disappointed at what I discovered. Either us mode one's were being smashed in the skull by Hollywood bullies or  we were the ones displaying pathetic acts of violence via cell phone.  
24 star, Kiefer Sutherland, plays out his TV show 's ass kicking role in real life and headbutts harmless Proenza Schouler co-founder, Jack McCollough.

That's like a burly buffalo headbutting a baby chick.

Top model, Naomi Campbell, assaults her housekeeper with a cellphone.
Naomi defends her actions by claiming she thought the housekeeper might have stolen her jeans. Really, Naomi? You couldn't come up with a better story?? I mean we are talking about the same creative genius who thought of using her cell phone as a punishment device.
Tommy Hilfiger slugged Gun's 'n Roses' front man, Axl Rose, in order to defend his brother's honor. At least that is a more justifiable reason to fight (besides who wouldn't want to pummel a guy who wear's outfits like Axl). BUT Hilfiger got out of this one lucky... yeah, he beat up a guy named Rose but could he win a fight against his friend, Guns?
Unfortunately, we can't all just hope to luck out like Tommy did.  When are we fashionistas going to man up and learn how to fight? Well the answer is we aren't. We will never be as tough as those head butting Hollywood psychos. BUT there is something we can do about our lack of muscles and fighting capabilities...

Luckily, we have some friends on our side... killer accessories. Crime fighting deterring never looked so sexy.

Scary Shoes:

Madonna will scare any potential predators in these Chanel pistol pumps. 
Rihanna has the right idea with these Dsquared2 brass knuckle boots.

Bone Chilling Clutches:
Alexander McQueen brass knuckle cluth, Burberry Prorsum spikey clutch

Gloves that pack a punch:
Givenchy studded gloves, Phillip Lim studded glove
Try wearing Chanel pistols pumps and Givenchy studded gloves with an Alexander McQueen brass knuckle clutch by your side. I guarantee no one, not even Naomi, will mess with you.


Courtney Erin said...

I'd hadn't heard about Tommy Hilfiger slugging Axel Rose. Ha - that's too funny!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Dreaming of Palm Trees said...

What a hilarious post! But yea, when Sutherland headbutted McCollough, I thought "not cool."

Dreaming of Palm Trees

Merry said...

Mmm, those shoes and gloves are just way too cool! <3 They would give a huge ego boost for a XS girl like me. :D Grrrrr!
Oh, but I already have my "wolf pumps" - they should do the trick also!:


And I loved this post as usual. You write so well and in an interesting way. :)


Sick by Trend said...

great post!!! love the last shoes haha are awesome! :) im a new follower!

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xx :)


Anonymous said...

ur blog is kinda funny:::D

Tess said...

@ Mary, those Wolf Pumps are perfect! haha.

Baby Budget Blog said...

LOVE THOSE STUDDED GLOVES!! Thanks for commenting on my blog and for following! Following!


Anonymous said...

well thanks!:))))ye sure i'll follow:)

Elle Sees said...

Wow! I'd not heard of this before. Such a creative post.


Love this post! SO true, I could kick some serious ass in those Chanel pistol heels! xo

Mugdha said...

My friend recently featured some shoes that would likely go well with your theme, haha. I mean, you can't really get more "don't mess with this" than porcupine shoes.

Unknown said...

Funny post but i have to agree with you. especially the shoes are very detailed and special, there always will be more and more freaky shoes, they can't get more :)

Yajaira said...

great post!! love the gloves!!

Frozen Fashion said...

Let's Bring IT!


Ciao Ciao Bella Donna

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Anonymous said...

This post is so hilarious!
But the previous one on How to Hook a Prince is hands down my fave! :D



Shore Delano said...

I love this post, Ha! I love the clutches you've chosen.

Now following you- Hope you can follow back!

Shore Delano said...

I love this post, Ha! I love the clutches you've chosen.

Now following you- Hope you can follow back!

Ms.Fashionista said...

Those boots are totally amaz! I seem to find a lot of spicks in right now,so the wallet and gloves are fab. What a great defense! LOL.



Kathleen said...

thanks lovely for following my blog! i'm now following yours too and on twitter :). and lol! wow, i really love your posts, and the hilariousness behind it. def agree about the physicality of fashion :P.

<3, Kathleen.

Savannah Burton said...

Haha love your blog! You are hilarious! I just followed you! Please follow me as well :-)

E said...

love your blog! great sense of humor


theversastyle said...

rad ass shoes!!


Charlotte said...

THE GUN SHOES, oh my goodness they are amazing. Madonna is so cool.
Thanks for your comment, I've been reading back through your blog and I really like it! Witty!

Following now :)

Fashion Mom said...

what a nice post ! x

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

amazing. x hivennn.

Nayantara Sam said...

I love Rihanna's shoes and both the clutches. But I don't know how anybody's supposed to HOLD the Burberry with turning into porous human, spurting blood.

Closet Fashionista said...

Love this post...haha...its so funny what happens in the fashion world XD And those pieces are great :)

Kristin Savage said...

LOL, oh my gosh, first fashion blog (or possibly any blog at that!) that has actually made me laugh!

Definitely deserves a good "follow" ;).

Thanks for sharing with the world!

~ KristinSavageTravels.blogspot.com ~

De Vero said...

Great post like always!


Sylwia said...

great post!!!
very "in" and funny :):)
great job!

Anonymous said...

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amazing blog,i love Mcqueen! :)
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A Better Roni said...

Thank you so much for your comment! I'm totally head over heels for your site... I have LOL-ed 3x already and I'm only on the first page. So glad I found you, keep up the great work!

A Better Roni

Anonymous said...

LOL I love this! The buffalo head butting the chick was amazing.

I'm a fan of the tough accessories, because in reality, I'm not so tough. I will always admire tough people, but will never admire the violence. :)

Thanks for the comment by the way, I LOVE turquoise shoes!

ATW said...

thanks a lot for your comment! im following you as well & i love the heels with the gun!

Henar said...

This post is great, funny!!


Orla Lorenza said...

this is so funny! i love the killer accessories, they'd make me feel hardcore haha xx

Amber Lucas A Mused Blog said...

le sigh....Alexander McQueen clutch! I love that thing!
Great and humorous post!


Federica C. said...

i love your blog! i follow you :D
kisses from italy

Deppa said...

Funny funny funny! This post is so hilarious!

:) nice idea!

See you.

Anonymous said...

i like this

thanks for letting me know there wasnt a follow sign on my blog-ive updated it now. phew!

Definitely following your blog as well. :-)


fashioneggpplant said...

i love this post! i pity McCollough though =( lovely blog! following you, hope you can retur the favor, thanks! =)


Wise Rabbit Says said...

i love the black gloves !
i have just found your blog and like the way to set it out, do you think you could give me any tips ?

Sophie said...

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serenissima said...

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Villedela said...

Omg you cannot be serious about this violence. Unreal. Regardless, I LOVE both of those heels and the Phillip Lim gloves are to die for. I love your blog!

Eugenia Woods said...

The Burberry clutch is INSANE!

thrifted drifter said...

haha!!! great post:)

Vanessa and Jana said...

Those gloves are super cool.
Keep it up with your blog and thanks for sharing!
All the best
Midnight Couture Girls

Marisa Noelle said...

Haha...too funny. Tommy H. vs. Axel...Hilarious. Sutherland's head butt...strange I thought and not cool. Thanks for commenting my blog. You are so sweet. Your blog is so witty and fun. Following you now:) xx Marisa

Anonymous said...

the cluthes look very trendy.. love them

mitsie xx


Kaari Mulk said...

I like Alexander McQueen's clutch a lot !