Oh No She Didn't: Anna Wintour

Michelle was drop dead gorgeous in Alexander McQueen.

All the guests were dressed in the finest designer gowns and tuxes.
That is everyone except for Vogue's Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour...
Although the Chanel shift dress is cute, it's not the type of dress says, "I'm at the White House mingling with the world's most powerful people." 

The dress would be more appropriate at a luncheon with someone who might appreciate zig-zags...
....or perhaps attending a fashion award ceremony.
Wait a minute...Ms.Wintour already wore that dress to the 7th annual CFDA Awards?!

This, coming from the same lady who organized Fashion's Night Out to push sales for the fashion community.

How dare she wear the same outfit twice to two highly publicized events.
Why don't you practice what you preach and buy a new dress for fashion's sake.
Apparently, this cheapskate is known for recycling outfits.  
 Tsk, tsk.

Anyways, the fact of the matter is that Anna was completely underdressed. She might as well repeated her favorite outfit from the 90s- a metallic latex leotard and a green, pleated kilt.
I'm sure Ms.Wintour would defend her slapdash dressing by claiming, "I wasn't underdressed, everyone else was overdressed." Michelle must be soooo embarrassed.

Maybe it was a good thing she didn't wear a gown. We all remember (and want to forget) that one time she decided to dress up and strayed away from the classic shift dress she's known for wearing.
Yikes. (Please refer to this post for more insight on this gown)

I think Anna could do with a "What To Wear To The White House State Dinner" article in the next issue of Vogue. 
I'm in the giving mood, Anna, so here's something to work off of (free of charge):   
I think Anna Wintour would have something to say if she read this post and it would go a little something like this...


Gertrude said...

This post cracked me up haha!! She definitely was under-dressed. And I love Michelle's dress.. she was the best dressed out of them all! x

Sabina said...

So true about the Charlie Brown dress! Normally I would say no big deal about wearing something twice--even for a celebrity--but c'mon for a White House dinner? Seems almost disrespectful coming from her.

For every Lady Goodman. said...

AMAZING blog!! this is so true. really not digging the outfit to begin with and to think she of all people would wear it twice! c'mon! you can't tell me she had nothing else to wear with being the woman at the top of the fashion chain with designers at her feet. puh-lease.

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Michelle Obama looks amazing!
Not a big fan of Anna Wintour for some reason.
But your blog is awesome! I am now following!!
Thank you for stopping by mine!

Brittany said...

Seriously, you keep getting better and better. I vote that you replace Anna Wintour haha, that Charlie Brown stealin' repeat offender ;) haha.

But Mrs Obama, she looked absolutely amazing. But I'm pretty sure its the McQueen dress that steals the show :)

20 YORK STREET said...

For a reputable fashion editor with the baddest reputation, I think you are on the money to criticize here!

I mean, c'mon! I wore something better than that to blog! he he..

Stay Happy and Positive!




Unknown said...

the first lady KILLLLLLED at the state dinner! I'm so proud to call her my very own <3 sort of.. along with 300 million other americans.


Serena said...

LOLZ at your totes hilarious writing! I gotta agree with all the above commenters, Michelle looked almost too stunning in the Alexander McQueen gown.
I think Anna needs one of Oprah's makeovers- a new haircut and wardrobe would do girlfriend some good.
Side note: I'm loving Karl's sequined blazer, so awesome.



TheChambrayCountess said...

Bahahaha! Loved this one (and the alien Prada one). I'm your newest follower.
Keep up the great work :)

Cara said...

That was hilarious! Well done catching all of that ;)
Thank you for the out loud giggle.
xo Cara



Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Anna repeats outfits. I've never paid any attention to her or what she wears, but that makes me smile so much. I would never expect that from a fashion editor.

I also really like the dress she wore to the State Dinner. I like people who go against the grain when it comes to fashion, but wearing a long dress would have been much better.

I ALSO really really love the gold-top-green-skirt combo in the photo you have of her from the 90s. But I think that might give you an idea of how different my style taste is. haha

This post was fun to read, though. Really funny. Sorry for the super long comment. haha :)

xox Courtney Michele

Mathilde said...



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Estelle said...

Hahah you're so funny! This post is great, I totally agree with you even though I wouldn't have thought of it first....Anna needs to make more of an effort! Especially if she's encouraging everyone else to buy up on fashion items! I've been reading your other posts too....love it! Thanks for commenting on my blog :) Visit again if you have the time x x x

k said...

haha, the last part is the best :)

Samantha said...

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Fashion Mom said...

you are totally right! that dress is not only ugly but also her haircut, i am so tired about that. Do you know how long she have the same cut? x


Twenty.Something said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud this early in the morning! Great post... I had no idea Ms. Wintour had such fashion crimes. And yes, I agree with you about the whole zigzag pattern... it's a little much.

Keep it up!


Closet Fashionista said...

Haha love this post!! Why on earth would she wear that to a state dinner?! Michelle looked awesome

Heart Charlie said...

Haha, I love Michelle's dress, and I also loved Vera Wang's dress! So incredible! Haha, Anna should really practice what she preaches ;)

NerdGlasses said...

Yeah, I agree Anna W. looks dreadful!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!
I'm following you!
You blog is amazing!
I hope you follow me too!

M said...




Thanks for commenting/coming by my blog, Belles&Rebelles! LOVE your blog and the humor in this post! I am your newest follower!!! :)

Yajaira said...

i guess she loves wearing outfits TWICE!!
not good!!

Nuha said...

oh my goodness!!! thats crazy!! that silver dress looks like it has horns...how is she in the fashion industry?!

Moniek said...

I really love this post whahah, I adore what Michelle Obama is wearing, but I also like Anna's outfit..

Anonymous said...

Lmao! what a great post, i'm following amy,x

Anonymous said...

I do agree with your point of view.
Though honestly I guess she's doing it for some reason. Probably she just loves some pieces so much that can't help but wear them several times in a row.
But yes, I think that to wear the same outfit twice for highlighted events is a "Don't".
P.S. I love this dress on Anna by the way;)Cool post! xoxo Diamond Cat

Ashleigh said...

OMG hilarious!! I think she's a genius when it comes to her job but I'm not usually a fan of her outfits, especially this zig zag number.
Thanks for stopping by, happy to 'meet' you!

Ashleigh said...
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Aimee said...

Haha, this post made me crack up, not too keen on the zig zaggy dress either =S xx

JessMidge said...

i adore michelle obama. she dresses for herself completely.

modanista junkie said...

Agreed!! Love Michelle's dress. Can't say the same for Anna Wintour.


Tiffany said...

This post is hilarious! I love that you're ballsy enough to take jabs at the so-called gods and goddesses of the fashion world. Thanks for reminding us that fashion can be ridiculous. Also, awesome research finding these photos!


Haha so funny!!




Ria said...

LMAO. OH yesh, totally agreeing with you here. Like everyone else is in gowns dear wtf were you thinking.

Graça Ventura Medeiros said...

Oh yeah :p

Sia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my b log! This post was so funny. Thanks for shearing,love Sia x

Angelica Ng said...

Haha! Well, I love Anna to death, so I don't really mind that she wore this..I think it looks fine! And the fact that she wore it before, well, just goes to show she isn't one of those people who wear things only once. LOVE HER!


Suyinsays said...

HAHAHAHAH youre amazing! this is too true - so hypocritical and typical of the fashion industry's most powerful american lady!

check out the 100th post! www.suyinsays-suyinloves.blogspot.com

Devon said...

WOW, great post. Who would've known she uses her outfits so much. I'm definitely following x

Kayla said...

haha the last picture of Karl is so cute

follow me? :)


Buky said...

Haha, who doesn't look nice in McQueen?
I love their dresses! So cute!
I completely disagree with her being a cheapskate.
Whats wrong about wearing the same outfit twice?
I wear the same outfit twice. Of course im a NOBODY but really, i think wearing the same outfit is acceptable.
Except that her outfit was not red carpet worthy!

Louisa said...

Funny post! Quite disappointing of Anna Wintour.


Velma Williams said...

I love what the first lady is wearing, but the other lady that wore the gold top, I don't really like it. But she has good taste in other outfits.

Fashion Rehab

luciana said...

I love the first dresses! really beautiful..

the twenty said...

wow she wore the same dress, sorry i mean you're meeting the obama's. damn ill buy an outfit especially for the event and then frame it!
yeahh Michelle by far looked the best.

Bernadeth G. said...

ahahahaha she definitely have a unique style! http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com

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Becky Jean said...

Hahah!! Following you :)
Great blog hun. Thanks for your comment xx


Michelle Lee said...

haha great post :)

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at: http://pinklemonincrystal.blogspot.com

Ria S said...

Hahaha, great post!!
Ms. Obama is absolutely amazing!!
I like your blog! Definitely your new follower :)

Thanks for following mine :)

Amy Joy said...

The funniest! Well put is amazing!
She should have worn a divine gown! but that 90's outfit is horrible like a moster!

Love this post !

Christy said...

She was underdressed but I do have a soft spot for that dress. The zig zags would be good for a charlie brown themed party.

Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Christy of Dress Rehearsal

Unknown said...

Michelle looked PHENOM and Anna Wintour gets a stinging slap on the wrist for that one. Not ONLY did she wear a basic shift dress to the dinner, but she was already pictured wearing it (like u already stated lol). Wouldn't THIS be the time to NOT outfit repeat, and STEP YO GAME UP by wearing a more formal, dress (which is something we don't see her wear too often).

Sorry for the ranting, but honestly that 90's get up you showed was more formal than that Chanel piece!

She should be fined for misrepresentation of her own branding!




Anonymous said...

I totally agree it's a bit hypocritical especially as she is so renowned for her criticisms of other's being dressed inappropriately. How funny is Karl! I luv his furrowed eyebrows.... Are you a fan of fake karl? You guys should totally do a collaboration or something as you are both too funny.

fashioneggpplant said...

what a great post! =) passing on the versatile blogger award to you! please check my blog for details. Congratulations! =)


LyddieGal said...

I think it's great that she wears the same dress twice. I think it is a good message to send.

And Michelle does look gorgeous in that dress!

Chic on the Cheap

Anonymous said...

hahahaha your posts crack me up!

i have never been a fan of anna wintour and this just makes me dislike her tenfold! for someone completely pretentious she sure doesn't follow through very well

vanessa, x

Melina said...

Ugh, she really bugs me and this just gives me another reason why. Though I'm glad the first lady is totally working it!

xx Melina
.but i like it.

thebirthdaygirl said...

"This cheapskate" Literally LOL'ing!!!!!! You called it!

Good for you for finding her duped outfits!! I'm really surprised...

..and the bra-less 90's photo really freaked me out. Not even trying to be funny here..I want to vomit seafoam green and gold metallic.

As always great post!!


Cylia said...

lol:p I don't really mind people wearing the same outfits though.. recycling is good;)

maggeygrace said...

For being fashion's biggest name, this seems like a disgrace! That's horrible! She looks way underdressed compared to michelle! I just love what Michelle wears:)

kaitlin monroe said...

def under dressed but i can't be mad, this makes me feel close to anna for i too... am an outfit repeater.

loved this post!!

Anonymous said...

oo my! What a post!
i chuckled my way through it. O my o my!
she messed up big time.

Rohini said...

Haha, I had no idea she had worn that dress before! Great post. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! funny post! :) I admire you for having such vast knowledge of fashion, you can associate things to something in a snap!

Ninin of the two miss fits

Dark Blue Jeans said...

hah this post is funny,
i dont like anan anyway

Anna said...

michelle obama looks gorgeous!!
follow me :P


AH-mazing! Another hilarious post from you Tess...just love it! And WTF was she thinking?! Talk about a fashion faux pas!

Tess Atkinson said...

I LOVE what Michelle wore, she looks gorgeous, I may do a post on it myself! x

jessica // union shore said...

i'm your newest follower!! i love what michelle wore!! she looks stunning!

Tria Zaluska said...

Great post!!

follow u back :)


Nia Langley said...

Hahahahaaaa GREAT POST!


Nia Langley said...

Oh...AND Michelle Obama was STUNNER!


"coy" colleen said...

you're hilarious - i loved this post, anna would not be a happy camper but who cares Michelle O looked far more stunning in that McQueen! (even if she did get a lock of flack for wearing a non-american designer, which is b.s.!)

SILVIA said...

great blog!!! this post is ...very nice
love your style...
follow u

Dani said...

i love this post !!!

Sofia said...

Wow, gutsy post!

Merry said...

You have been challenged to a Versatile blogger game! Check more instructions from my blog. :)
You rock my world, candy!


Have I already said how I loved and laughed to this post? :) Pure genious...!

Click on Styles said...

you are absolutelly right!!! funny post!!


Unknown said...

haha i loved the comparison to Charlie Brown!!! so funny but she is quite a bit underdressed then the other guests

Fashion to Go said...

Man this is hilarious, your posts put a smile on my face everytime

Ivelina FriChic said...

Totally agree with you, her choice often seem strange especially for a person in her position, power and access to fashion :)

Unknown said...

ah love this post!

Eva said...

wow, swanky! i say good for her for daring to wear the same outfit more than once!


Freya said...

I completely agree, Michelle looked stunning in that amazing McQueen frock, but Anna... Eek!
Also, I LOVE your blog, so amazing and beautiful, adore the name!
Your posts are awesome, so funny, I love the all! Hehe, there's me going on and on!...
How about we follow each other?
Do stay in touch!

theversastyle said...

best post ever. ever. love the charlie/anna comparison!


Anula said...

I agree with every word ;-)
Nice blog!!

Unknown said...

Ouch! I admire fashionistas who know how to repurpose looks, but the same head-to-toe look?! Come on Anna, what a letdown. But it takes guts to call out the queen herself!

xx Cristina

Fashion Imperative said...

I agree with you 100%!!!
She always wears boring clothes and I always HATE her shoes!
So boring! Like she is not the world's most influental editor!
Hopeing to see you on our blog!
hugs and kisses by Mani.

Unknown said...

All lovely dress!!! I like it!!!
A big kiss from Italy!!!

Visit my blog,and if you like it, follow me!!!

Claire M. said...

I love Michelle Obama's outfit

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, made us laugh here at Bunmi Koko office, although she still looked beautiful!

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Claudia Cifuentes said...

awesome post. good catch!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I do like her dress, but I agree! What was she thinking. I have to admit Thai love how she recycles outfits...she's only human! Great post.