Endangered Species: The Fashion Beast

Bridget Foley of WWD recently wrote an article "Is Fashion An Endangered Species?"
I can't read the article since I don't have a subscription to WWD but I found the title itself quite intriguing. I now will present to you what one would assume the article was about...

As the title preludes, fashion is indeed a living species. 
Legend has it that this species, known as fashion beasts, are a half human half lion hybrid. 
They are raised to learn the difference between the mode (fashionable) and the demode (unfashionable).
In their pubescent years they scour the streets to prey upon the demode ones in order to keep the delicate fashion ecosystem balanced.

In adulthood, they move from the streets to the runways.

 But why are fashion beasts becoming endangered?
Sadly, the fashion beast community has been threatened by imposters. These imposters seek the elite status of true fashion beasts. This has resulted in innocent fashion beasts slaughtered by their imposters.
A lion wearing a wig= not a fashion beast

A girl wearing a lion head= not a fashion beast. And absolutely no true fashion beast would be caught dead wearing a tiny top hat.

Due to the decreasing number of fashion beasts, the demode population is running rampant with no one to stop them.


Courtney Love

Amy Winehouse

Nicki Minaj

Something has to be done to keep balance in the fashion ecosystem. I don't think I can handle seeing any more assless glitter pants.

On another note, if there is anyone who was actually able to read the article "Is Fashion An Endangered Species?" I would love to know how close my post was to the article.


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I didn't read the article but yikes what scary pics. Especially the ones of Ke$ha.


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this is an amazingly well written post. yes u are right there are many fashion imposters who seek attention and seek to shock. total shame.

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I like your interpretation of the title. Love the photos! & I didn't realize Nicki Minaj had such a huge butt... haha

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Kesha always gets it wrong.

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Hi wow, I love your blog. Cool editorial. I love your writing style...it's very, well I can't quite think of a phrase interesting enough to put here but it would make uncle karl tres proud. I agree the ass pants have to go. uuh! C'EST DEMODE!

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haha you are amazing truly! just love you and fake karl for always keeping me laughing at fashion and not taking it all too seriously

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Buky said...

Sorry, didn't read the article.
Anyway, i think Nicki Minaj has some kind of orderliness when it comes to fashion.
She's the only one who looks well together.
I really am not a fan but i just though so.
Omg, the post is so funny!
I love it.
Although, we are criticizing these people fro being DIFFERENT!
Not dressing like the rest of us. Funny anyway


Isabel Hendrix said...

lol! you are too funny.. I actually really like the first photo on here.. <3


Amanda said...

Absolutely brilliant post! Those lion/human hybrids are definitely going to haunt my dreams, possibly while wearing assless glitter pants. So, thanks for that.

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I went back to your older posts and I love this one too!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a fashion design student at AAU and run across this blog while doing research on this very article. I just thought I would put my twocents in. I do have access to WWD.com and the article is about how the general public's focus is no longer on the garments themselves, but rather on who's wearing them. The focus should be on the different elements of design not the high rank social status of who's wearing it (like celebs). People are missing the whole point of the design and the artistry behind it.

The opening paragraph was (in exact words): Fashion with a capital F. The kind produced by the masters of the genre, and that used to be celebrated for its artistry, its provocation, its trickle-down influence, the dreams it inspired- has that kind of fashion joined the ranks of the bighorn sheep and the West Indian manatee? Which is to say, is it endangered?

This article is a great one to read! You should look into a subscription to WWD, it's worth it! Hope this helps!

Elekon said...

ahahaha! great article! well-done!


Claire M. said...

Nice photos! I like it ;)

Anonymous said...

Re: the Lion and the imposter...

It's the best laugh I've had in ages!