Tailoring Philadelphia

I recently visited the Tailoring Philadelphia Exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museam.
These are only a few of the garments in the exhibit but have a central theme of detachable elements of the design.  The only thing I have seen in fashion today with a detachable element of design are those tacky cargo pants that can be unzipped into even tackier shorts. The way Toscani and Larson incorporate the detachable element of design into their garments is so incredibly elegant and seamless it is a wonder why this design element never really caught on.

If you enjoyed these garments as much as I did and would like me to post more photos from this exhibit let me know!


Unknown said...

I do not know what's going on missy!!! it's been crazy! this is such a cool exhibit though, I wish I went to cool things like that here :) I definitely want more pictures!! love this gorgeous menswear !


SucceedingatFailing said...

thats nice to see a post about menswear, i never see any blogs talk about it! itd give me some inspiration to style my boyfriend! lol!

Olimpia Elide B. said...

The best aspects of menswear are the sartorial lines and the choice of materials. :-)
I really appreciate this post! Very interesting.

Brandon said...

Lovely tailoring. Wish I could come down and look at the stuff in person!

Kate said...

such a cool post! i loooove well taylored jackets, my grandad was a taylor so i guess it runs in my blood!