Gloves Galour

It's that time of the year again - beautiful Fall is transitioning into mean, ugly Winter. When I was walking to class yesterday it was brutally windy and cold. As I returned to the warmth of the indoors I looked down at my hands and I could barely recognize those raw and red paws hanging off my arms. My hands were so chapped and frozen I could hardly bend my fingers.

Enough is enough I need some gloves. I love the long options but I am head over heels for the fingerless driving gloves.  I know what you're thinking, "How do fingerless gloves solve your frozen finger problem." Well the answer is it doesn't BUT at least I will look tres chic trying to disguise my hands from looking like raw pieces of meat!

Long Gloves
Yves Saint Laurent
Louis Vuitton
Ralph Lauren

Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci
Bottega Veneta

Short Gloves
Chado Ralph Rucci
Dominic Jones

Bottega Veneta


Unknown said...

your glove picks are aammaazzziiing, love the last bottega veneta ones!


J_so_sweet said...

i got cold hands and cold feet.
a little bit. I need glove and ugg
for every winter!
anyway, in korea, there is "socks in sleep". kind of woolen socks.
I love that.hh
and thank you for your lovely comment! i love your all posts.
i wanna write longer, but i'm not fluent in english. i hope you take care.

Angelica Ng said...

Loving the LV ones. The leather looks good enough to eat. Love long gloves; they're so elegant and sophisticated.


Anonymous said...

Loved your long gloves and just happened upon a pair yesterday. Now waiting for that one day in Florida...