" I Won't Mess With You...Lieutenant"

This weekend I took a walk in the park. Rittenhouse Square is the locale of this park, a haven for the chic of Philadelphia. It sits amongst fabulous outdoor restaurants and cafes and some of the best shopping in the city.

Army vibes inspired by:
Junya Watanabe Fall 2010

On my way back from the park I stopped into the grocery store to grab some cat food for myself...well not  for myself, but for my cat, Junior. Anyways, the cashier asked me if I have my club card and I didn't have it with me so I asked if I could just give her my phone number to look it up.

After I rattled off my phone number an older man jokingly asks if he can call me now. I give one of those awkward, polite giggles. Then he says.. "I won't mess with you, you're a lieutenant." He continues to tell me what all the badges on my jacket mean. The lower badge on my arm means that I spent 6 months overseas and the badge above it means that I am a lieutenant of the army.

So thank you to the WWII vet at the grocery store for giving me the history of my genuine army jacket!


Unknown said...

I love that jacket! Can't believe it is authentic~ it's so chic! That's hilarious about the old man.

J_so_sweet said...

thank you for your sweet coment, too!
i wanna see your cat. feels like very cute, i think.
and i love your red scarf!

Meera said...

Love the military look-and your blog!
Please check out/follow mine!


Unknown said...

I looovveee this post (and your whole entire blog), your outfit is super adorable! love that you shared about the meaning of your jacket :)