It is raining in Philadelphia today, contrary to the popular television show's misleading title,  "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." I have real problems with the title. Let me explain.

The transitive theorem in math goes a little something like this:
 If A= B, and B=C, then A=C. 

It's a pretty simple concept. Now lets apply it today's scenario:
If Sunny = Philadelphia, and Philadelphia = Rainy, then Sunny= Rainy. 

Math never fails me!

Anyways I was listening to the weather report this morning and they said expect high winds and rain all day.  I already picked out my outfit before I heard this lovely news and there was no backing out now. I wore a high waisted gathered black skirt and, black printed top and my "bad-ass blazer." I felt that the addition of rain boots to my preconceived outfit would be a sufficient enough defense against the elements.

Beggining of the Day Happiness

As I am walking to class I quickly realize that my unwillingness to compromise my outfit for the weather was a huge mistake. The wind was messing with me all day. Wind is the annoying little brother of the weather family (there's a hilarious MUST SEE commercial for wind energy that makes my point).

First he was lifting up my skirt for all the traffic on Market Street to see my lovely arss. It wasn't cute and sexy like Marylin.
No, quite the opposite. It was more like this. Incredibly embarrassing and slightly horrifying.
Next he was trying to pull a Mary Poppins on me.
 Except instead making the experience delightful and cheery it was rather violent and unpleasant. I was airborne for quite some time,  which sounds exciting in theory but in reality the experience was terrorizing. 

Next it the wind went for the hair. Always with the hair.
You know how sometimes there is that gentle wind that makes you feels like a model with your gorgeous locks elegantly flowing behind you.

Well that's exactly the opposite of what happened to my hair today.

The after effects where absolutely dreadful.
The girl behind me in class was complaining because my unruly hair obstructed her view. 

Miserable End of Day

Hope your day was winderful!



Unknown said...

It was so windy here in Georgia too! I almost had a Marilyn moment! Cute blog! New follower!

Unknown said...

This post made me laugh so hard--this was me the other day! I was just running from work to the car to pay for more parking and I came back looking like I had been in a fight with a tornado.

following you now! :)

Anonymous said...


I would love a little wind.

Ellinor Forje said...

Mais c'est toujours en mode. Thanks for sharing the photos and come and visit me too, soon.


Ninjagaiden78 said...

You know as soon as I saw your title, I thought of that show. I guess that is not the case. Good selection of pics.


the style help said...

today in my italian town is sunny, but it's only a short dream...because from tomorrow it will be rainy. In time for week-end :-(

Anonymous said...

I really had to laugh, that's what happened to me yesterday, too. :)
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