Cutrone's Gone MENTAL

What on Earth could Kelly Cutrone have to say on an episode of Dr.Phil??
What on Earth could Kelly Cutrone have to say on MULTIPLE episodes of Dr.Phil??

The Cut is reporting Dr.Phil is looking to Kelly Cutrone to be his future correspondent. 
Doesn't she look excited?!?!

Other reports say that Cutrone will be dishing out parenting advice. That's right...parenting advice.

I mean we're talking about the same gal who's infamous one liner is "If you have to cry, go outside."  Could you imagine a poor and innocent child on the receiving end of that "great advice."

I could understand seeking Kelly's advice on a career in fashion but what has our society come to that parents are looking to cut-throat, kill or be killed, Kelly Cutrone for credible advice on parenting??!

We feel the same way Kell, we feel the same way.



Unknown said...

This post makes me laugh! I have always loved the Cutronater but Cutrone + Dr. Phil just seems too quirky to believe almost :P


Amandamarie said...

i love kelly, shes hilarious when shes pissed off haha


Patricia said...

LUV your blog!! We're on the same page babe! I'm following & I'm going to add you to my blogroll. Super funny fashionista.
And what in the hell is with that Cutrone BS??? She's an odd one!

Zarna said...

ill have to see an episode of that to see how it is. i could see her being really funny on the show actually!


Louise said...

Oddest collab ever, I agree! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dr Phil....hm....