The Shrinking Clothes Conspiracy

It's that time of year again, the time when all my clothes seem to mysteriously "shrink in the wash." It has to be some sort of conspiracy. What else could explain such an event? Suddenly I can't zip up my jeans and I can't button up my shirt without it gaping open. The even stranger part is that my clothes only seem to shrink in width not length. Then about a month or so after the holidays are over everything seems to fit again. Very strange. Very, very strange.

Keep those jean stretchers in the closet of shame ladies. Do yourself a favor this season of over indulgence and get yourself some pants with a little bit of stretch, a drawstring, and an elastic waistband...anything besides zippers and buttons.

Chris Benz
Boy by Band of Outsiders
Rachel Roy
Isabel Marant
Ohne Titel

Charlotte Ronson

Happy December Everybody!


Unknown said...

I don't know if it's my computer or what but I can't see the pictures! :(

Tess said...

Thanks for letting me know, Chelsea! I think I fixed the problem.

Unknown said...

OK NOW I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS POST! you have such an eye for style missy! I loooovvveee your blog :-)


Laura Mullins said...

haha your blog is awesome - - i'm following! i love what you said about stretchy pants... they are definitely a must. i wore some on thanksgiving (:

Brandon said...

Yes! Need more drawstring pants!