Pre Fall 2011 Pt 1

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Pre Fall Collections are here! 

Rag and Bone
Pringle of Scotland
Michael Kors
Elie Tahari
Temperly London


Rebekka said...

Like your blog very much.
I'm from Germany, so my English isn't the best.
The Pringle of Scotland clothes are my favorite!

Love, Rebekka

BECKY MAY said...

i love the temperly collections!

thanks for your sweet comment and also for saying you'd follow me :)




new outfit post on my blog

celita said...

thanks so much for your comment and follow, love your blog too, your post are very interesting and love your inspiration!!i follow you!!

Mauricio Herrerabarría said...


Abi said...

Oh Pre-Fall already? My oh my! I'm loving the Tahari and Pringle of Scotland collection. Yes please!

Anna Katrina said...

the rag & bone pieces are gorgeous!!

stop by sometime<3

Michelle said...

rag & bone <3


Tess said...

@ Rebekka, your English is fabulous. I love to know that I have readers from all over the world!

@ everyone else: I know it is hard to believe it's already Pre Fall! Thanks for all the comments!

Tess said...

(Oh yea... and I prefer Tahari out of these line ups.. so lush and chic)