Dear Anonymous,

On my post PRE FALL PT 3 an anonymous blogger left a comment that reads "Your blog is an insult to fashion across the world. Tony Burch, REALLY?"

I am hoping anonymous will read this letter I wrote in response to their comment.  Rest assure that I shall never mention the name T*ry B*rch ever again. Instead, I will refer to her as "she who must not be named."

 Dear Anonymous,

My eternal apologies for featuring she who must not be named on my blog. She is truly the most awful of all designers in all of fashion. I slipped up... big time. My blog is an insult to fashion across the world. I could not agree with you more. My blog does have a pretty huge effect on global fashion. I have now become aware that my massive sway in the fashion world could lead to catastrophic results. Merely showing four images from her collection has already lead to irreparable damage in the fashion community. What was I thinking?? Now dumb muggles might actually wear her clothing or even worse her shoes... and for that I am sorry.

Remorseful and Ashamed, 



Olimpia Elide B. said...

I'm agree with you! A person who says bad things Anonymously
has not the courage to take the responsability of his/her actions.

Anyway, I love your blog and your taste for fashion: this blog represents a little but great contribute to fashion world and I'm glad to have the same passion for Fashion&Style of bloggers like you.
Don't care about silly people. It's only jealousy. ;-)))

Unknown said...

lol owned!

Unknown said...

haaaa I don't know how I missed this post but at least it gave me a laugh now! I am so jealous of how your sarcasm comes across so clearly.. hhahaha

Lucy said...

It's great to see someone fighting back against the people who write awful comments under 'anonymous' :)

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