Stupidity Sells

When I first saw these Diesel ads in the magazines my initial reaction was a big roll of the eyes and thinking "How incredibly stupid are these Be Stupid ads??" I've heard sex sells, but come on now, you're telling me that stupidity will now make jeans fly off the shelves.

After a few weeks or so of seeing these ads everywhere, they began to grow on me (either that or I was being subliminally brainwashed).

My thought sequence went something like this:

"How stupid are these Be Stupid ads??"
"Those people in the ads sure do look like their having fun being stupid."
"...Maybe I should be stupid too?"
"I want Diesel Jeans."
"God damn, these ads are good."


my favorite one ^



SabinePsynopsis said...

Anything that stays in your head is good in marketing terms. and see, it works!

Bonnie said...

These are incredibly memorable because they are so stupid. And I love them for it.