It's a Shoe Thing: Hooves in Heels

I wasn't always a shoe person (and by shoe I mean heel). It's a love-hate relationship. On one hand, they make even my fat stubby feet look kind of sexy. On the other hand, after an 8 hour day wearing those torturous walking contraptions I can do nothing but sit on the couch because it's too painful to walk even barefoot. 

Have you ever seen a model's foot up close? I had to put heels on some of those hooves and let me tell you their feet practically look disfigured- covered with  red sores and calluses. Some even look like their toes have been molded into a point.  

With that aside, I have learned to cope with the pain and deal with a future of potentially disfigured looking feet. How could I not after looking at some of the shoes from the Spring 2011 runways?!

Chunky Heels

 Dries Van Noten (1-4)
Chanel (5-7)
Anna Sui

Color Blocking



 Christian Dior (1-5)
Matthew Williamson 
Missoni (7-8)

Basket Weave

Yves Saint Laurent


 Alexander McQueen (1-3)
Rodarte (4-6)
Yves Saint Laurent (7-8)


Emilio Pucci
Anna Sui
Proenza Schouler 



Canted Cat said...

Love those Matthew Williamson shoes. Where do you find this stuff?

Tess said...

I could totally see you wearing them!
go to style.com and click on the Spring 2011 Collections then click whatever designer you want.These pictures are from the detail tab. Not all collections have these detail pictures.

Annushka said...

Wow, i like this shoes!!!)))
Beautiful post!!!)))
SHOES LOVES....!!!)))))))))))

mandy said...

Hi there! Well that's a heck of a lot of footwear..... I like the Anna Sui shoes, but they look too small for that models feet! I heard it was all about flats for 2011 (phew)

TheStreetFashion5xpro said...

Absolutely amazing post!!!
I love these shoes...

Ellinor Forje said...

I want all of them. Nice blog, nice shoes. Come visit me too, soon.


Tess said...

THANKS for the feedback everyone. Glad you liked the post!